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Have you accepted the fate that there aren’t enough hours in the day to begin again, live the dream, or shift? Use this worksheet to analyze the time you’ve been given and identify spaces to do what seems impossible.


Are you guilty of the premeditated charge of killing your own time? Let's change that verdict by equipping you with simple tools that will aid in your daily success.


We often settle for mediocrity, because being great goes beyond comfort or what we see our abilities to be. God has placed something great inside of each of us that was meant to be worked out through our living.

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I'm Coach Timiel (aka Lady Timiel) and I focus on facilitating positive change in the lives of my clients and the IL community through faith, action, and commitment.

I specialize in MOTIVATION and FORWARD MOVEMENT. Everything offered here is meant to be used to inspire, encourage, and aid in positive living.

Faith is the foundation. Life application is the focus. Hope and manifestation are the goals.


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IL’s VIP Membership gives you access to an exclusive community with all of the support, resources, and training you need to get clear about what you desire, set a plan to succeed, and take action to see it manifested.

The best part—you’ll have a tight-knit network of dedicated, talented like-minded women on the journey with you.

Say goodbye to feeling alone in running your business…

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