About Inclination Life

I’m so happy you’re here on the Inclination Life site. I suggested you start here so you could learn what this blog is all about, a little about me, and where you can connect to a community of women that are striving to stay “Inclined to God and In Tune to Themselves”!

Inclination Life was created to motivate women to LIVE their God given lives out loud in the midst of daily routines, roles, and obligations. No matter how ordinary we may feel, God reminds us through His Word that we are extraordinary through Him.

If you’re looking for motivation to identify and be the true you in the midst of it all, Inclination Life is the perfect space.

My goal is to encourage women in their spiritual growth, focus on their soul, and decluttering schedules.

What You Can Expect

Motivation with…
1. Bible Verses, Bible Studies, Devotionals and More for SPIRITUAL GROWTH
2. Points of Reflection, Self Discovery, and Reset for SELF-CARE
3. Tools, Tips, Reference, and Printables for PRODUCTIVITY

Timiel Dewberry

Hi There!


I’m a certified transformational Christian mindset coach,
pastoral counselor, ordained elder, mentor, author and
the creator of Inclination Life.

I’m here to motivate you in your relationship with God
and yourself, so you can be the BEST YOU for your life
and others.

On the Personal Side

I am a native of Virginia but currently a resident of North Carolina. I love God, my family, learning new things, and coffee. My family consists of my hubby of over two decades, two adult girls, grands and a host of loved ones. I’m blessed!

Did I mention I love God? My first commission is to Him, and I pray to live a life that He’s glorified through! It is because of Him and through Him that I’m able to be or do anything. God has shown me so much through His extraordinary power!

My hubby and I are the leaders of New Revelations Church. My roles in the ministry include pastoring our E-Campus, leading our women’s ministry, and teaching Bible classes along with many others. I love learning more about the Bible and about God through His Word of Truth. I also enjoy sharing that with others.

When I’m not working on Inclination Life, you may find me active in ministering the Word of God, providing creative services, or learning a new skill on YouTube. Yes, I’m a lifetime learner. Most things I use, but some…

I enjoy reading, travel when my schedule permits, and quiet time!


Latest Posts

Posts for spiritual growth, self-care, and productivity.

Free Resources

Worksheets for self-discovery.

Journaling Devotional

Simple steps to start over any part of your journey.

There’s So Many Ways to Stay Motivated with Inclination Life

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The “IL” Circle is a space for like minded women of faith to receive encouragement, education, engagement, and support. As a part of the circle, my prayer is that each woman would live out the life promised to her in Christ. Each one of us are special to God and are a precious gift to the Kingdom.