10 Amazing Benefits of Reading

Reading is a great hobby to have and it can do wonders for our self-care.

It can help you learn new things, find inspiration for your work, and even relax at the end of a long day.

Reading not only provides these benefits, but also has many more hidden ones that might surprise you!

In this blog post, we explore 10 amazing benefits of reading that will make it clear why it’s such an important pastime in today’s fast-paced world.

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Do People See a Benefit to Reading?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Some people do see the benefit but many don’t or simply avoid it.

Reading is Fundamental known as RIF is an organization that focuses on the literacy of young children.  Their idea is that reading provides a child with the basis to be successful in life.  This organization continues its efforts today, over 50 years later.

As adults we need to understand that READING IS STILL FUNDAMENTAL and beneficial!!!

As reported by RIF,  “93 million of adults in the U.S. read at or below the basic level needed to contribute successfully in society.”

With over 247 million plus adults in the US as of today’s post, that means that nearly 38% of adults don’t read at the basic level and may be missing out on this amazing benefit.

What Keeps People From Reading?

A very controversial quote was once said that centered around hiding information from a group of people by putting it in a book. Some theorized they didn’t like to read.

Today we know that quote isn’t 100% true. People from all races and backgrounds fall into the 38%.

For some it’s choice rather than a learning disability. A number of these people would prefer to watch and listen to video content rather than read. They’d rather scroll the images of social media and skip over that thoughtful paragraph curated by the account holder.

For others it’s a complaint of not having time or the content putting them to sleep. This is one of the biggest reasons believers give for not reading their Bible.

It’s tempting in our society to just go for the video or pictures, but there are some things that can’t be spoken in a set amount of minutes or detailed in photos.

How to See the Benefits of Reading

While great artwork or photos can be appealing to the eye, there are benefits to reading that cannot be achieved through that visual stimuli.

First we have to look at our physical health. Research has shown that extensive device use puts a lot of wear and tear on the eyes and faculties for a number of reasons.

I’ve noticed first hand how fatigued my eyes get from working at a computer all day and into the evening and looking at a device. Reading a physical book cuts down on that although some devices such as the Kindle have been improved for better reading.

Reading also helps with focus and just shutting everything out for a moment. Every person needs this in their daily life as a point of exhale and release.

Benefits of Reading

There are innumerable benefits of reading. The following are 10 of those reasons that are conducive to self-care and personal improvement.

  1. Become a Better Person.
  2. Become Smarter/Wiser
  3. Improve Memory Skills
  4. A Form of Stress Relief
  5. Good for Winding Down
  6. Fun Activity for Socializing
  7. Improve Language and Vocabulary
  8. Use Imagination and Creativity
  9. Changed Mindset
  10. Increase Spiritual Health

Become a Better Person

Reading broadens a person’s perspective. It not only allows us to see life from someone else’s point of view, it allows gives us a space for empathy. Many people have risen to a cause from reading another person’s story. Believers who read the Bible and apply it are better citizens and helps in the earth. Research shows that people who read are more empathetic than those who don’t. So being able to tune into others feelings better benefits social interactions with friends or co-workers as well as romantic relationships by showing care and concern.

Become Smarter/Wiser

It is reported that 33% of people don’t read another book after graduating High School. It isn’t clear whether this excludes college textbooks or not, but the point is that not continuing to read minimizes intellectual growth. Reading allows the person to learn and experience more than they likely would if relying on physical encounters alone.

Improve Memory Skills

If you’ve ever read a long novel, then you know the power of keeping up with the story. Many people go on to share their reading with someone else which increases retention. The more we exercise that memory muscle, the better it becomes and longer it lasts. There’s also evidence that reading can help to stimulate the brain and increase mental performance.

A Form of Stress Relief

When you get the opportunity to read, it is a stress reliever because it allows you time to escape all that is happening in life. A good book allows you to escape from your troubles if even just for a short time while an entertaining plot unfolds in front of you.

Good for Winding Down

Helping you wind down is one of the benefits of reading. As you come to the close of a day, reading serves as a lullaby or nighttime therapy. It allows you to get into the slumber necessary for a good night’s rest. The result may be an easier rebound and readiness to get back out there refreshed ready to take on another busy day or week ahead.

Fun Activity for Socializing

Many people come together and form bookclubs. This is great for the busy mom or career woman. In this way socializing and sharing with others becomes one of the benefits of reading.

Improve Language and Vocabulary

Have you ever read a book and the author colored the scene with a word you weren’t familiar with? It’s a great time to do a quick search to learn the correct meaning and begin adding it to your language. Because books tend to go beyond the basics, avid readers have an expanded vocabulary.

Use Imagination and Creativity

Books take you on vacation, short adventure, and into the paradise of the characters. It allows you to use your imagination and creativity to paint the scene and appearance of every person.

Changed Mindset

Reading changes our mindset. We are able to access new ideas that can help us succeed in life. We’re not only entertained but we grow by gaining knowledge and understanding through the stories, lessons or other information presented.

Increase Spiritual Health

One of the greatest benefits of reading is an increase in spiritual health. When we read our Bible and books designed for spiritual growth, we feed that part of ourselves that serves us best.

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I’ve noticed that some of the most successful people are those who spend less time watching television or feasting on entertainment.  These people spend time crafting themselves through learning and broadening their minds.

If you are not an avid reader, consider starting small with items like devotionals, a book of the Bible, or a small work with less than 50 pages.

There are hundreds of free books available online that no one downloads, our public libraries are underutilized, and bookstores are less frequented.

If you’d just prefer your reading over a device, consider the thousands of available blogs covering any topic from world travel to homeschooling to business ownership. 

There’s something for everyone and it’s a inexpensive way to do self-care.


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