10 Simple Care Package Ideas for Friends

Care packages are the best!

Not only do they show your friends that you’re thinking of them, but they also provide a little bit of comfort and familiarity during tough times.

There are many different things you can put in a care package from snacks to heartfelt messages. The idea is to show your friends how much you love and support them.

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What Do You Put in a Care Package for a Friend?

There is not limit or rule of thumb for what you put in a care package to a friend.

It should be thoughtful though. That means that you should consider the person that you’re sending it to and what suits their personality and life.

For example, you wouldn’t want to send someone a sweater in a climate that never gets cold. You also wouldn’t want to send someone comedy show tickets that doesn’t enjoy those settings.

Since you consider this person a friend, use what you know about them or can recall from your conversations to add a personal touch.

An example could be a friend that’s recently had to budget and can’t get their favorite daily coffee. You could either drop in a gift certificate from that place or try to locate the store version.

Allow yourself to be creative and personal while not piling it up with things they may not use or like.

What to Send to a Friend Who is Having a Hard Time

Sending a care package when a friend is going through a difficult time can be just what they need.

Your friend might be going through a tough time at work, in a relationship, or with their mental health.

If you’re not sure what to include in the care package, start with some basics. Find something that contrasts the space that they’re in.

It would probably be best to start with a card or note that expresses empathy or sympathy followed by items to lift their spirits.

When the care package is for a sick friend, you could consider items that are perfect for recovery like tea and honey, soup, etc.

What Do You Write in a Care Package?

Consider why you wanted to send the care package. Beyond wanting them to know you were thinking about them, was your aim to make them laugh, pause and release, etc.?

You want your words to come from the heart. That can be hard for some people.

In those cases, find a poem that expresses your sentiments. Be sure to give the author credit.

If you’re crafty, you could even make a card to go with the care package.

Sending a Package to a Friend

There are many ways to send a care package, from hand delivery if they are local to mailing.

If the package has to go a distance be sure to set items in a way that they can handle the twist and turns of traveling over states and through multiple hands.

Some people choose to use a service in cases where the person isn’t in their area to insure it has the best presentation.

This method is ok but it limits your personalization on the package. When you handpick each item, you make it unique for your friend.

10 Care Package Ideas

The following items can provide comfort and show your support:

  1. A handwritten letter expressing your thoughts and well-wishes.
  2. Their favorite snacks or candy.
  3. Tea, coffee, or other drinks they enjoy.
  4. A book by their favorite author or a new release they’ve been wanting to read.
  5. Comfortable clothes like socks or a cozy scarf (if it’s seasonally appropriate).
  6. A gift card for a place they love (restaurant, store, etc.) so they can treat themselves.
  7. Candles and other spa items for a pamper night at home.
  8. A journal or faith tool for spiritual growth and encouragement.
  9. A link to a personalized playlist for release.
  10. A ticket to see you!
10 Simple Care Package Ideas for Friends pin

Care packages are such a thoughtful way to show your friends that you love and support them.

They can also be a small investment that makes a priceless impact. Your friend isn’t likely to forget the day you surprised them with such a thoughtful gesture.

By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your care package is personal and meaningful.

Your friend is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness!


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