5 Amazing Characteristics of the Women at the Tomb of Jesus

There are many things that can be said about the women at the tomb of Jesus. They were brave, courageous, and determined.

These women showed strength in the face of adversity and refused to give up even when everything seemed hopeless.

Most would agree that it is difficult to discuss the empty tomb of Jesus without talking about those that discovered it.

When Jesus was crucified, his mother and the women who followed him were heartbroken. When they found out that he had died, they went to his tomb to mourn.

To their surprise, there was no body to prepare for He had risen just as predicted.

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Women at the Tomb in Scripture

Though they phrase it a slightly different, the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke all provide an overview of the women at the tomb who went past concern to see to the needs of the one that changed their lives.

These women at the tomb were brave. When they found out that Jesus had died, they went to his tomb despite this being a dangerous thing to do.

These women were willing to take risks and go against the odds in order to honor their friend and Savior. They weren’t afraid to stand up for what they believed in, even when it meant putting themselves in danger.

This bravery is evident throughout scripture, especially during times of persecution. The early Christians were often persecuted by the Roman government, but these women continued to evangelize despite the risk.

We’re called to have the same fortitude. We may not be going to the tomb, but there’s some way that God wants to use us each day.

The question is have we put our total confidence in Him to go that far?

The Women that Found Jesus at the Empty Tomb

The women at the tomb that found Jesus included Joanna, wife of the steward for King Herod Antipas, Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Mary the mother of Joseph and James, Mary wife of Clopas, and Salome the mother of Joseph and James.

That’s a lot of Mary’s, right? In biblical days, names were more common than they are now. People were distinguished by their relation or region. If we read out Bibles to fast, we just might miss the differences.

Back to the women. Most people wonder where all the men were. They were hiding in fear. The women had the courage to face what the men were too afraid to face at the time. As a result, they found the Risen Savior.

So many things could have stopped them from the darkness to not finding Jesus there, but nothing did.

Are you that relentless?

Amazing Characteristics of the Women at the Tomb of Jesus

Let’s look at these amazing women at the tomb and see what we can learn from them.

Mary (The Mother of Jesus)

Depending on which gospel you read, you’ll see Mary listed. Though she’s not outlined as being the most significant, she does play a role.

She was the one that gave birth to our Savior and she raised Him along with Joseph. She watched Him grow and saw all the things that He did.

Mary was there when Jesus died on the cross, and she was also there at the tomb when he rose from the dead.

What can we learn from Mary?

Well, first of all, we see her loyalty to her son. She stuck by him until the very end, even when it cost her dearly. We also see her faith in God.

She trusted that He would take care of Jesus, even when things looked hopeless. Lastly, we see her love for others. Even though she had lost her son, she still stayed with those that were mourning.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene’s personal encounter with Jesus was one of deliverance. She had been possessed by seven demons, but Jesus cast them out and set her free.

Because of what He did for her, she was fiercely loyal to Him. She followed Him everywhere He went and even helped support Him financially.

When Jesus was crucified, Mary stayed at the cross until the very end. And when He was buried, she went to His tomb to mourn.

It was Mary Magdalene who first saw the risen Christ. When she told the disciples what she had seen, they didn’t believe her at first.

But eventually they went to the tomb and saw that he was gone just as Mary had said. What can we learn from Mary Magdalene?

Mary was fearless. She knew what Jesus had endured but was willing to take the risk of going to the tomb.

Mary (Mother of James and Joseph)

Here we have another Mary with sons that share the names of Jesus’ half-brothers.

This Mary was also a witness at the crucifixion and burial. And like Mary Magdalene, she went to the tomb on that Sunday morning.

What can we learn from her?

In addition to the characteristics we see in Mary (the mother of Jesus), we also see perseverance. This woman had seen Jesus put to death, but she still got up and went to His tomb.

She persevered through her pain and was rewarded with the miracle of seeing Him alive again.

Joanna (Wife of Chuza, Herod’s Steward)

Joanna is only mentioned a few times in Scripture, but we know that she was a follower of Jesus. She was also present at the crucifixion and burial.

She is said to have been a financial supporter of Jesus’ ministry.

Her appearance at the tomb showed that she was full committed to following Christ by not only giving but being a witness.

She was with the other women when they told the disciples that Jesus had risen.

Salome (Mother of James and John)

There is little said about Salome, but she is believed to be the mother of the sons of Zebedee.

She was also a witness of the crucifixion and burial. And like the others, she went to the tomb on Sunday morning.

When she saw that Jesus was gone, she told the disciples what she had seen. What can we learn from Salome?

From Salome, we see obedience. She didn’t go to the tomb because she wanted to see if Jesus was really gone.

She went because He told her to go and tell His disciples what had happened. And that’s exactly what she did.

What can we learn from these amazing women?

These women were all incredibly loyal, obedient, and full of faith. They each played a vital role in spreading the news of Christ’s resurrection.

5 Amazing Characteristics of the Women at the Tomb of Jesus pin

As we reflect on the women who were at the tomb of Jesus, may we be encouraged by their example.

They remained faithful even when it seemed all was lost. They were willing to serve and support Jesus until the end.

What an amazing reminder that no matter what life throws our way, as disciples of Christ, we can remain faithful.

Let us not forget that Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings – for each one of us individually and for the church as a whole.

As we move forward in this new season, may we remember the hope and joy that comes with resurrection power.

What have you noticed about yourself since you’ve been a disciple of Christ? Are there areas where you need to be more courageous in your faith?

Let these women be an encouragement to you as you seek to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.


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