5 Reasons Gift Cards Rock for Christmas!

The Christmas Holiday is just around the corner, and many see it as the season of GIVING.

But what do you give the person that has everything? What about that picky person?

What if you want to skip the crowds? There is a solution.

Here’s just 5 Reasons Gift Cards Rock for Christmas or any occasion!

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Different Types of Gift Cards

There was a time when gift cards were distributed exactly like they sounded. A person received a plastic card with some cash value on them that could be redeemed at that specific business.

Did you know Neiman Marcus was the first to adopt the concept but didn’t display them? Because of that, Blockbuster gets the credit for being the earliest to take the plunge in 1994. The next noted vendor is our beloved Starbuck’s in 2001.

Since that time, gift cards have graduated from being store specific to being able to be used anywhere for anything. For this reason, some gift givers opt for the VISA or Mastercard options to allow more freedom.

How Do E-Gift Cards Work?

The early 2000’s brought a surge in online purchases and that meant those tech savvy people saw another opportunity by creating e-gift cards.

With this new design, you don’t even have to leave home. You can head over to their favorite store website or peruse Amazon where you select your card and amount. You’ll have a choice to print the certificate or have it emailed to the person.

I don’t know who wouldn’t love an email surprise unless that’s just not your thing.

From there everything pretty much works the same. They spend the card how they choose. It’s like cash, except with a little more thought.

Why Are Gift Cards Better Than Cash?

One of the reasons these cards are better than cash is that you can choose any denomination in most cases.

It doesn’t make much sense, but $10 in cash looks totally different on a gift card. It’s almost as if the person sees it as having more value even though it’s the same.

Cards are a better option for the person that doesn’t like to carry around cash as well. If your recipient is a younger child, the gift card route may be easier to keep hold of than just money in a card.

What Are the Disadvantages of Gift Cards?

There are some potential disadvantages to gift cards like the person you’re planning to bless finding it difficult to operate a gift card. 

Please show them grace and be prepared to direct them to the nearest assistance. Smile.

Gift cards can be misplaced or stolen.  The process to recover them is impossible unless you have the card number. And who does that, right?

Some gift cards do have expiration dates or there is always the potential the company may go out of business.

The benefits really do outweigh the cons. 

Reasons Gift Cards Rock for Christmas

Gift cards get the worse reputation as thoughtless gifts, but I choose to differ with the masses.  It’s one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. 

Here’s 5 Reasons Gift Cards Rock!

1.     Freedom of Choice.  If you give a card that can be used in most places, such as a Mastercard or Visa., there are so many options the receiver has.  They can use it for gas, food, clothing, and the list continues.

2.     New Experiences.  Open them up to something new by selecting a place they’ve never been before but would try or has been wanting to try. 

3.     Rainy Day. The cards with no expiration will be for the win here.  Some people like to hold those cards for days when they’re trying to stay in budget.  They’re an excellent rainy day option.

4.     More Valuable. Let’s face it…most of us want to express our love without breaking our personal banks.  If you’ve allotted a certain amount of money, it looks a lot better in a card than trying to buy something that looks valuable for that same amount.

5.     Rejection Proof.  I’ve seen people re-gift or take an item back to the store.  Gift cards are non-refundable, so they’re stuck with your token of love. Very few will re-gift.

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Just in case you the personable type.  Consider adding something small to your card like a journal, their favorite coffee or tea, etc. 

Gift cards are simple but a smart gift to give at any time, especially during the Christmas season.  Bonus is a stress free shopping experience!


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