5 Simple Actions to Build a Life You Love

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Like you’re just going through the motions day after day and not really living?

If so, it’s time to take some simple actions to build a life you love.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, the simpler, the better.

Just remember that it’s not going to happen on accident, so your action is needed.

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What Does It Mean to Create a Life You Love?

Merriam Webster defines create as “to make or bring into existence something new”.

This means that the life you are looking for is different than what you live now. It may not be a complete 180, but it’s noticeably different.

Those words “make” and “bring” signify action. This means it’s a life that requires doing something.

This may be daunting to consider, because in humility we know that we serve a God that is the Creator of all and we definitely don’t want to try and take on His role.

But it’s not about being God, it’s about using the power that He’s placed in each of us to work towards a life that He has for us.

It’s the life that God allows to flow through your daydreams where you allow yourself to mentally experience a place before you get there.

Many people dismiss it because of current circumstances, fear, and doubt but God wants us to believe what He is allowing us to see in the Spirit.

How Do You Create a Life for Yourself?

Creating a life for ourselves requires using the faith that God has given to each of us.

You may need to use that faith to believe that you deserve where He is taking you. You may need it to believe that it is possible.

In whatever way you need, God has placed it in you so that you will be able to take the steps required to get there.

If you are having trouble believing or don’t know what those steps may be, ask God.

“But how do I do that?” You might be thinking. Just pray and ask for guidance in whatever way you feel comfortable doing so – out loud, mentally, or even by writing in your journal.

You Have to Build the Life You Love

You’re not going to get to the life you love overnight. Most of us have things that have to be worked out within and around us, so learn patience while you’re trusting God.

God has given you the power to create things with faith, action, and speaking things into existence.

You have the opportunity to accept what God is showing you and believe it or dismiss it.

God gets glory when you use your faith to live out all that He’s allowed you to imagine according to His will.

You Have to Live the Life You Created

The reality of all of this is that two people can imagine the same thing and only one actually live it.

Sure, things can happen in life. But it isn’t always life’s occurrences hindering us, it’s mindset.

Our minds are some powerful little engines. They can build us or tear us down.

The mind of one person conceives an idea and begins the work to manifestation while the other daydreams and casts that same thought off into utter abyss.

Some people go as far as putting in the work and give up just before the finish line.

Others do all the work, but are afraid to live in the new life that God has allowed.

The goal has to be that you will live out the changes throughout the process.

An example of this could be a person that God shows He’s going to use mightily globally. That person starts the journey and finally gets to the connections that will take them to the next level but freezes up in the new arena.

You can’t afford to do that. You have to move forward with faith.

Simple Actions to Build a Life You Love

The reason why many people don’t pursue a life that they love is because it does involve effort and not always with the clearest instructions.

If we consider Abraham when God told him to leave his kindred and go to the place that he was leading him in Genesis 12, we will quickly see that he didn’t have all the instructions.

It was the same for Ruth when she decided that she would follow Naomi.

It was also the same for Timothy when his mother and grandmother agreed to allow Paul to mentor him.

None of these people knew where they were ultimately going to end up, but they pursued the life God had for them and it ended up being the life they loved.

Here’s some simple actions you can take today:

1. Listen for the voice of God and follow Him.

2. Set goals that reflect your trust in God.

3. Take action towards your goals every day.

4. Be willing to make changes and sacrifices along the way.

5. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem!

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If you are feeling lost, don’t worry. You can find your way if you trust in God and put in the effort.

My latest podcast episode talks about goals and how putting God in the midst can get us to the finish line.

Be sure to listen for more inspiration on how to create the life you want.

Remember, it takes hard work and dedication, but it is worth it when you get to see your dreams come true.

Don’t give up; keep going until you reach your destination.


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