5 Tools to Combat Wasting Time

Do you find yourself wasting time on the internet, social media, or other distractions?

It’s a problem that many people struggle with.

We know the task is important, but it seems impossible to motivate ourselves to do it.

The good news is that there are tools that can help to combat this issue.

From one ex time-waster to your ear, this posts will talk about five tools that will stop you from wasting time and procrastinating so easily and form new daily habits.

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Why Do We Keep Wasting Time?

You may have to continuously asks yourself “why do I keep wasting time”?

While  it is easy to say “I’m just lazy”, the truth may be you are lacking motivation and constantly procrastinating has become you go-to habit.

Think about it. Are you delaying things that you have no interest in or don’t enjoy doing?

Are you spending your time doing things that are not necessary?

Are you putting off tasks or projects because they seem too overwhelming, difficult, or unpleasant to start?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, the solution could be getting to the root of what holds you back and putting some preventive measures in place.

How to Stop Procrastinating and Wasting Time

Procrastination can be the result of the prior suggestions or for other reasons.

The truth is we all waste our precious time on earth. We procrastinate and put off  what’s important sometimes in order to do something else that seems more appealing at the moment.

On the other hand we may put off what we dread so long that we eat away at the available time for what we enjoy more.

Either way time is wasted.

Wasting time is further supported by all the channels battling for everyone’s attention to include things like binge watching TV and/or surfing online (social media) when we could be learning about investing for retirement or caring for ourselves.

Admiring other people’s lives has replaced living out our own.

The constant news funnel is flooding our life with what’s wrong instead of what God says is going right.

The ‘stop’ key is deciding to no longer waste time. What follows is reduced stress along with efficiency and effectiveness.

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Tools to Combat Wasting Time

Whether it’s checking your social media, reading something on Quora or watching videos of cute cats – we’ve all done that at one point in our lives.

It takes a lot of self-control to stop wasting time but here are some tips how:

There are so many planner options out there from using Google Calendar to the great ole paper and pen method.  I do a combination of both.  I like the electronic for reminders, but my planner has all the detail.  The planner I selected has inspiration, places for all my notes, monthly goals, and to-dos. Think about what you need and purchase for that.

I mean EVERYTHING!!! If you are a person that gets up to pray and meditate early, put that on your calendar.  Have a date with your spouse, write it down?  Why?  You need to see what you’re doing with your time and make yourself accountable for those things you have committed to. In our spiritual lives, this is of essence.  Many of us say we can’t figure out where to get reading our Bibles and prayer time in or we’re inconsistent.  Make it the FIRST part of your day.  You definitely want to start with Him…

I stopped this recently. If I’ve committed to one thing, I make every attempt NOT to schedule something else.  Let me explain…if I have an event or gathering to attend, I try not to accept another. First of all, having fun is awesome, but it takes a lot of energy.  When you’re rushed it brings on a form of stress which isn’t productive. The goal is quality over quantity. Remember…saying “NO” IS OK. 

4.     ADJUST
If your day isn’t going as planned, no worries.  Look and see what you can move to another day.  Everything on your daily list shouldn’t be a MUST. Hint: If you keep moving a thing, you might need to take it or something else off your plate. 

I’ve heard many studies on the amount of sleep adults require.  Some say they must have 8.  I recently heard on a CBS News segment that all adults should have between 7 & 8. If you’re a night owl, most smartphones and devices have a “Bedtime” setting that can remind you it’s time to wind down. Set it to the latest time you can go to sleep and get 7 hours of sleep.  These devices also help you see your patterns and where you can improve.

A rested person is setting themselves up to be productive.


Stop Wasting Time Quotes

Sometimes we need daily reminders to keep us focused. Here’s a few quotes for you to jot down or print.

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Bill Watterson

“Today will leave the world and never come back, don’t waste it.” – J. Ruby

“Minutes may seem as worthless as pennies until you add them up. Neither should be wasted.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

“Wasting time is unbecoming of a saint who is bought by the precious blood of Jesus. His time and all he has is to be used for the Lord.” – George Muller

Stop wasting time quotes free printable

It’s not always easy to avoid wasting time, but it can be done.

If you find yourself with idle hands and looking for something productive to do, recall the five tools to break the procrastination habit.

Be sure that when you are working or doing anything at all you have a clear goal in mind so that the work doesn’t feel meaningless.

Always do what helps you stay focused like listening to music without lyrics or taking breaks every 20-30 minutes. Simple things make a difference.

How do YOU combat wasting time? Let me know in the comments below


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