6 Bible Journaling Supplies that Enhance Your Bible Study Experience

Do you love Bible journaling? If so, you know that the right supplies can make a big difference in your experience.

When it comes to Bible journaling supplies, there are a lot of different options to choose from. This can make it difficult to know which supplies are the best for enhancing your Bible study experience.

Whether you are looking for pens, stickers, or something else entirely, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

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What is Bible Journaling?

You may have seen some of those eye-catching images where a person’s Bible is filled with beautiful hues, hand-written notes, and doodles.

Your response may have been to one side or the other. You either were intrigued by the idea or a little concerned that you’d get lost in study once your pages were covered.

The reasons why people Bible journal are numerous and personal, but the purpose of Bible journaling is to deepen your relationship with God.

Through this practice, you can expect to gain a better understanding of scripture, grow in intimacy with Jesus, and find encouragement for your faith journey.

Those colors and doodles aren’t decoration. They’re intimate moments of revelation about what the scripture says and how it applies to the life of the believer.

You may write down a promise of God or a step you’re committing to take. The possibilities are endless here, because it’s about your journey and God’s Word will continue to speak in different ways.

Bible Journaling Ideas for Beginners

You may be wondering where to start, but that’s easy. The Bible is where to start!

If you have a favorite book of the Bible, start there. Otherwise, look for inspiration on what to study next based on a topic of interest. Either way, the first step is your time with God in His Word.

The second step comes when you’re ready to put pen-to-page and record something from your study into your journaling bible (or even just a notebook).

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry about it too much because we’ll get into some ideas for supplies and how they can help you practice this discipline below.

Creative Bible Journaling

There is no limitations with what Bible journaling encompasses, so be creative. You don’t have to be an artist to make beautiful pages.

Try drawing or painting a picture of the scripture you’re studying. If that sounds a bit challenging, you can include photos or clippings that remind you of the passage.

If you were studying Genesis 1, you might mark each day with illustrations of what that looks like to you and how it blesses your life each day.

You can also create a collage using different materials or write out the verses in your own handwriting.

Don’t forget your digital options like recording songs, prayers, or thoughts inspired by the scripture.

Simply let your creativity run wild and see what happens.

What Supplies do You Need?

Just like anything else in life, when it comes to Bible journaling there are varying degrees of “seriousness.” Some people love buying all the supplies they can get their hands on, while others prefer sticking with the basics.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, these six essentials will help you get started:

Journaling Bible

If you’re going to be doing a lot of writing in your Bible, you’ll want something that’s designed for journalers.

You can find a range of Bibles with thicker pages or journals with blank space on each page so that your entries don’t interfere with the actual text.

The benefit is twofold: it protects God’s Word and provides more room for your own thoughts and reflections about what He said.

Write In Your Bible

You have to think long-term when starting this process. Most Bible pages, even those that are geared towards journaling, are permeable.

You’re going to want to get writing tools like colored pencils and pens that don’t show through to the next page.

Surprisingly, these aren’t difficult to locate. Complete a simple search on pens that don’t bleed through pages and you’ll find kits that include markets and highlighters.

Stamp Your Bible

If you’re into something that takes less art form and offers consistency, you may like using stamps.

It’s not cheating. You may not be quite ready to put pen-to-page.

There are stamps that have the dates if you want to keep track of when you wrote the note. The varieties also include large and small, words, and pictures.

This option does require ink and limits you to the colors you purchase, but some enjoy something more uniform.

Sticker Your Bible

Stickers are an excellent way to get started and there are options out there from simple cross decals that remind us Jesus died for us to beautiful items like flowers and butterflies.

It’s a simple way to start and the options are endless. You can even find stickers that have verses on them!

Highlight Your Bible

If you’re more into using your Bible for study than journaling, you might want to invest in some highlighters.

There’s something really special about finding a passage that speaks life into you and marking it with color so that every time you see it again, you recall God is saying something important to you.

Same goes for highlighters as with pens, make sure they don’t bleed.

Separate Journal

If you prefer to keep your Bible in tact, you can still journal. Try purchasing a separate notebook.

With this option you could write out the Bible verse and then do the same thing as outlined above.

It’ll be your own beautiful creation.

If you meditate on the same scripture over a week, you may want to add on what you receive during your personal time with God to the page.

6 Bible Journaling Supplies that Enhance Your Bible Study Experience pin

As you can see, Bible journaling is a great way to get creative, reflect on your faith and scriptures, and document your spiritual journey.

It can be therapeutic to write out your thoughts and prayers, sketch out ideas for worship or art projects, or simply record passages that spoke to you that day.

It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The bonus is that you can start today.

What benefits have you found from bible journaling? Share in the comments below!


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