7 Lessons Learned from Missed Opportunities

It’s inevitable that we will miss opportunities in life. Whether it be a job opportunity, the chance to go on a date with someone special, or just an idea for something new and exciting.

Sometimes these missed opportunities are due to circumstance, but other times they are because of our own fear.

This post explores seven simple lessons learned from missed opportunities.

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What is a Lost Opportunity?

Have you ever heard of “open season”? If not, it’s a term used in the hunting world for a period when the restrictions are lifted and they can hunt or fish species that have been protected by law.

This brings to mind the animated film “Open Season”. It really brought light to how eager people get for the chance to finally acquire all they’ve been preparing and hoping for.

Believers have open seasons as well. It’s that space in life where God opens the windows of opportunities and allows us to walk right into what we’ve been asking and praying for.

It’s as if the restrictions have been removed and we experience walking under an open heaven.

Examples of Missed Opportunities

The hard truth is that every last person on this earth will experience a missed opportunity and probably in every area of life.

In our relationships we miss opportunities to say how much we love and appreciate one another. The routines of life have a way of causing us to forget how precious every moment is.

In our careers we miss opportunities when doors close and it seems like the odds are stacked against us. We can easily become discouraged and give up.

In our walk with God, we miss opportunities to grow in intimacy with Him and learn from Him. Oftentimes we settle for just going through the motions instead of seeking His presence.

We also can miss the opportunity to just enjoy life.

How Do You Get Over Lost Opportunities?

The best way to get over lost opportunities is to learn from the lessons that they have taught you. We should do that with every experience of life.

Sometimes we can be so focused on the miss that we fail to see the upside of things.

Missed opportunities can lead us to great things.

Sometimes our biggest character building moments come after we miss an open season and have to try again the next year or for many years later.

The key here isn’t giving up, but learning how not give up when life doesn’t go according to plan.

We can still win in this situation by adopting an “it’s not over until God…” mentality.

Lessons Learned From Missed Opportunities

The lesson learned from a missed opportunity can vary depending on the person or situation. The following tips are things we can all learn when following the path of the hunter to insure we don’t miss another one.

A true hunter PREPARES before OPEN SEASON. 

1. Do Homework/Study Regulations: You can’t walk into this blindly.  A hunter learns what’s required, when the season is going to open, etc. Prepare so you’ll be ready to move forward.

2. Take a Course/Get a License: Does your opportunity require something? A degree, certificate, experience? You can acquire that while you’re believing through faith that the door will be opened.

3. Scout the Land/Map it Out: A hunter will actually visit the place they plan to hunt in an effort to learn the animals that live there.  If done often enough, they will learn the animal’s habits.  You need to scout out the territory you hope to walk in.  See what’s available, so that when the season opens, you’re ready.

4. Befriend Landowners: It’s said that some of the best ‘hunt’ is on private land.  For the hunter, permission to enter makes for a great day.  Who can you ‘befriend’ that has ownership in the area you plan to walk in?  It’s time to network!

5. Get In Shape:  There’s a lot of terrain to cover in a day, but a hunter can’t do that if out of shape.  We’re no different.  We need to shape up spiritually, mentally, and physically in order to be advantageous.  

6. Work with Companion:  Many hunters have a dog as a partner on the hunt.  This requires training on both parts and being in top shape.  We need to make sure our tools and those things or people that will accompany are in tip top status and set to move on command.

7. Plan/Organize: A hunter must practice shooting to be accurate, have all needed items at hand, and plan for the applicable dates.  We too need to plan and organize to be prepared.

Missed Opportunity Quotes

There are a lot of thoughts about missed opportunities. Some mindsets are geared towards igniting hopelessness and doubt.

These quotes invite you to do just the opposite…

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~ Milton Berle

“Don’t allow missed opportunities of the past interfere with the opportunities that are right before you.” ~ Ryan Robbins

“Every time you look back, you miss an opportunity just ahead.” ~ Unknown

Stop worrying about missed opportunities and start looking for new ones.” ~ IM Pei

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You can choose which side you’d like to be on. Will you be the person with regrets or the one with determination?

If you choose the latter, you likely won’t have to wait long before the next opportunity presents itself. Just make sure it’s God sent.

The most important thing you can do when something goes wrong is to learn from it. You will be able to avoid the same mistake in the future if you are aware of what went wrong and why.

We all make mistakes, but with this information, you will have a better chance at success next time around! 

Have you ever had an opportunity slip through your fingers? What was the reason for that missed opportunity? How did it affect your business or career moving forward?

No matter what your response is to these questions, try not to dwell or fixate on what didn’t work out, instead give yourself grace.

How have you handled missed opportunities effectively? Comment below.


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