8 Affirmation Coloring Sheets About Your True Identity in Christ

We’ve been told through God’s Word that we each have our own identity, and that’s where these quick reminders and affirmation coloring sheets about your true identity in Christ come in handy.

You’ve heard the message from the pulpit, your favorite life coach, or favorite motivator.

It’s a message to not spend your life trying to fit into boxes and to celebrate your individuality.

Some people receive the message with excitement while others are a bit apprehensive.

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What Are Coloring Sheets?

Coloring sheets are available in a lot of different formats today. Beyond purchasing a new coloring book from the store, you know have the luxury of finding items online that fit exactly what you need.

Whether it’s a sheet for your child to learn an activity, a holiday theme, or something more to your liking, the variety is out there.

That means you never have to worry if you’ll find the next freebie or purchase for download, because new ones are coming out daily.

What Are Affirmations?

It’s a bonus when you can find an image you love with a scripture or affirmation.

Affirmations are meant to remind you of your worth and value. This is especially important to the believer, because we have to see ourselves as God said we are.

The more we believe, the greater the likelihood that we’ll live it out. Affirmations also help us to fight off the negativity coming at us on a daily basis.

Types of Affirmation Coloring Sheets

To determine what’s the best affirmation coloring sheet for you, take a moment and reflect on where you are, what you need, and where you’re headed.

Some people look for growth mindset coloring pages that do exactly what you might think. They are aimed at empowerment and challenge the person to stretch towards a mindset that will result in productivity even in struggle.

Other people may look for positive self-talk coloring pages to combat the negativity that seems to be fueling their mind.

Affirmation Coloring Sheets About Your True Identity in Christ

These 8 free affirmation coloring sheets speak directly to your uniqueness in Christ.

They remind you that you’re going to stick out in most crowds and that’s ok.

The set includes the following affirmations:

  1. I Don’t Have to Fit in a Box
  2. I Am Uniquely Made in God’s Image
  3. I Am Dynamic
  4. I Am Strong
  5. I Am Valuable
  6. I Have Impact
  7. I Am Somebody
  8. I Am His
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Encouragement Coloring Pages

Coloring can be therapeutic and can provide an additional space for reflection.

These are some coloring pages you may enjoy or want to share with others:




You can choose to color alone as an activity or maybe while having a quiet lunch or dinner for self-care.

You could also use it as a girl’s night activity where everyone selects their sheet, colors, and then shares what the activity meant to them.

The best part is that affirmation coloring sheets are generally very affordable if not free.


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