5 Tools For Planning - Tips to Combat "Killing" Time

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Confession: I’ve been in the category of time waster and I stayed there for years.

Truth is I’d been in that category for so long that it’s became down right embarrassing.  It was my norm to have a full schedule that either caused me to be tardy most places or exhausted. I did things with my time, but it wasn’t always fruitful. If I could get a buck for every minute I spent sitting dreaming about doing something but never moving, a quarter for every time I put someone else’s agenda before my own, a dime for the mind space I gave to things that didn’t matter, or a penny for every time I complained to myself about myself…I’d have a nice savings! :)

Today I’m glad to say the confession has changed. I’ve taken the necessary steps to get out of that group.  Why? There is a combination of things. First the stress level was a reality I finally accepted. Running late to most destinations lead to rushing, high intensity driving, and at times utter frustration. It was insanity! Second, the grown up who is known to always be late had to GROW UP. I had to realize that wasn’t a character trait to have. Remember how our word is supposed to be our bond? Well what’s the difference in saying we will be somewhere at a certain time? It’s really not much difference though I’m sure no one wants to take it that seriously.

Procrastination was another time waster. If only I had gotten up and moved the many times God gave me an assignment on my path to purpose, I’d be in a different place now. Time wasn’t the only factor, but it played a significant role. Someone called this disobedience in a form. Whew, I’m grateful for grace. Though I pray it’s never our mission to ignore the voice of God, we do. We hear and put off following instruction for many reasons. In my experience not listening to Him has cost many things with time being one of them.

I knew something had to change. Not just for my character but also because I needed to do something to obtain a different result. My life saver has been planning. I’ve always liked anything that yelled office and administration, so you would think that this little tool would have been an obvious gem. Up until my shift it hadn’t crossed my mind. I’ve now seen the light and will share with you a few of my tips. I go in-depth in my planning course and one-on-one workshops, but these few should get you off to a great start.

Tips of my Planning Program:

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There are so many options out there from using Google Calendar or whatever email service you utilize to going the great ole paper and pen method.  I do a combination of both.  

I like the electronic for reminders, but my planner has all the detail.  The planner I selected has inspiration, places for all my notes, monthly goals, and to-dos. 


I mean EVERYTHING!!! If you are a person that gets up to pray and meditate early, put that on your calendar.  Have a date with your spouse, write it down?  Why?  You need to see what you’re doing with your time and make yourself accountable for those things you have committed to.

In our spiritual lives, this is of essence.  Many of us say we can’t figure out where to get reading our Bibles and prayer time in or we’re inconsistent.  Make it the FIRST part of your day.  You definitely want to start with Him…


I stopped this just this year. If I’ve committed to one thing, I make every attempt NOT to schedule something else.  Let me explain…if I have an event or gathering to attend, I try not to accept another. First of all, having fun is awesome, but it takes a lot of energy.  When you’re rushed it brings on a form of stress which isn’t productive. The goal is quality over quantity.

“NO” is ok. 


4.     ADJUST

If your day isn’t going as planned, no worries.  Look and see what you can move to another day.  Everything on your daily list shouldn’t be a MUST. 

Hint: If you keep moving a thing, you might need to take it or something else off your plate.



I’ve heard many studies on the amount of sleep adults require.  Some say they must have 8.  I recently heard on a CBS News segment that all adults should have between 7 & 8. 

A rested person is setting themselves up to be productive…

To my surprise, my IPhone has “Bedtime” under the clock function.  I have set it to the latest time I can go to sleep and get 7 hours of sleep.  It’s even set to the sweetest melody to wake me up.  Other devices have the same function such as Fitbit.  What I love about both is you can easily see your patterns.

Lack of sleep causes so many things, but we’ll discuss that in another post.


So is it safe to say we all have an additional occupation? We’re Planners!  I asked my Google Home the definition of Planner and she replied, “someone who plans”.  Sounds like us…

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!
— Benjamin Franklin