Luggage: Unpack 2018!

Happy New Year!

December 31st marks the final day of another year! As a child I didn’t approach this day with much thought beyond the anticipation of celebration, though I can’t ever recall attending a New Year’s party like the ones seen on tv or bringing it in with some unforgettable gathering. As a young adult I began starting the New Year at church. I’ve only missed a couple of times since beginning 20 years ago. It’s awesome bringing it in praising with other believers, hearing the testimonies, and receiving a message of hope.


I see every year close and beginning as an opportunity. I try to spend time reflecting each 31st, always approaching the end of the year with the optimism of completion and a look to what’s ahead. How about you? I’m determined to bring this year in with the greatest amount of positivity and determination that God will allow. I learned a while ago that it’s not the resolutions that make a difference for me, but it’s walking in the space that is best for my life.

This approach truly takes the pressure off. Have you ever noticed that those abrupt changes on January 1st add all the weight of the world, and you crash before the month ends? Why not do something different this time around? In this post I’d like to challenge you to start your plan by first unpacking 2018.

Let’s face it, 365 days brings a lot with it. Some extreme highs and lows. We achieve things we planned and deal with those unplanned. We can’t foresee everything, so often our year brings some things less desired. Even greater is those things which once were good for us but now seem to be slowing us down or being a blockage. Some declare the need to have healthier habits while others plan to rid themselves of relationships that are hindering. So what have you determined needed to be left in 2018?

Whether you’ve already began or not, I’d like you to go through this challenge:

1. Take Inventory of What You Ended the Year With in 2018 (Your mindset, actions, circle, activities, etc.)
2. Peruse Each Carefully (Spend some time considering the pros and cons.)
3. Discover the Alignment (What did you end with that aligned with God and what doesn’t?)
4. Unpack the Areas and Things Out of Alignment
5. Make Sure You Don’t Exceed the Weight Limit (Forgive, forget, move forward. You are on allotted your “NOW”, stop trying to bring yesterday with you!)

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There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go on a trip only to pull out that suitcase that wasn’t unpacked from the previous journey. Consider where you’re headed in 2019. Are the items left sufficient for your journey? Did you leave room for ‘new finds’?

Don’t try to do this without being led by the Spirit. Sometimes we opt out of the wrong things, however we all generally have some things to unpack.