Broken But I'm Blessed!


I’m smiling as I begin writing this post. This is a story right out of life as I re-emerge to blogging for “IL”. I’ve decided to share more from my pages on this turn of the journey.

This post begins week before last. The day had started beautifully. With summer weather, I’m always open to pulling out the array of colors in my wardrobe. I’m colorful, though some miss that. (I don’t know how?) On this day I pulled out a dress that I’ve worn several times, but it just felt different. The fit was right, and it gave the perfect vibe to accommodate an awesome looking day. Accessories were a check and the only thing I was left to select were shoes…

As I teetered between options, I wanted something that would complete the look while being comfortable for all-day wear. I knew I had some walking and a period of standing while teaching that night, so it was important to choose wisely. I walked back and forth in my selection several times just to see how they felt. Do you ever do that? I think every woman needs her own ‘catwalk’ at home!


Everything felt good, but I heard that inner voice lightly urge me to take a back-up. I ignored, reminding myself my choice was right and I’d make it through the day. As a side note, I’d recently been pushing myself to pull those comfortable risers called heels back out and kick the flip-flops and flats habit. I’ve learned that if you get out of practice, they really don’t seem as easy to wear as they once did. Though I’m no longer an over 3 inch high girl and never a stiletto wearer, I do like what my heels bring to some outfits.

Let’s get back to the story…as I arrived at the first destination, that ‘good’ feeling was still flowing. It was going to be a wonderful day, I thought. Hours later it was time for lunch and though I almost went out, I ended up heading over the cafe’ on campus. While walking and talking I noticed that my ‘right’ shoe selection was feeling even better. Wow, I hadn’t worn these in ages. I’d have to put them in the lineup to wear more often.

savingPNG 17.PNG

A couple of minutes later, I noticed that things seem to relax even more. These shoes now had my attention. That same inner voice from earlier spoke again and notified me that things were coming undone. On no! It couldn’t be! The binding of my shoe was separating and the straps that held everything together were coming apart. My 10 second initial reaction was, “how in the world am I going to keep walking and talking like nothing is happening?” After that, things were happening so fast that I didn’t care. I announced to my fellow walker that I was having shoe disaster. I literally removed my shoe and we muttered over options from crazy glue to seeing who had tape. (You’d have to know that none of these were in reach, so I was going to have to walk this thing out.)

My walk became slower, but I still tried to continue towards that cafe’. I’m so grateful that while the chatter continued, my mind considered how I would hobble through the crowd trying to look normal. Finally my ram in the bush appeared when a young lady showed us how the lunch looked. I didn’t want that, and it wasn’t worth the work. I finally said, “you go ahead, I’ve got to go take care of these shoes”.

Long story short…I bound those straps enough to walk back. Most people are so engaged in their world that they paid no mind to the lady walking a little different than normal. I made it upstairs and finally gave in to the bare feet. At that moment I realized the energy I was exerting trying to keep that shoe on. It also helped when someone looked at me like I had something on my face that needed addressing…it was sweat!

Through conversations, laughter, and suggested solutions, I managed to walk on a DIY’ed repair. Once arriving in the shoe store, I made it to an aisle, took those shoes off, and looked for a replacement, never considering keeping them. God blessed me with shoes that were marked down, an additional percentage off, and another coupon. I got them for 1/3 the price and I love them!


  1. Listen to the voice inside. He’s speaking for a reason. He knows what’s up ahead!

  2. You can’t put new wine in an old wine press. I’d had these shoes for a long time. I knew things had changed foot wise and was working on a revamp, but not totally willing to let ALL old things go. When God is doing something new, you’ve got to let go of the old for His New!

  3. Hanging on to things expends more time and energy. Those shoes took up most of my day. They gave me a workout!

  4. In life things will seem to fall apart. If ignored, they will continue until ‘it’ has your attention. Don’t ignore the warning signs!

  5. God will take what’s broken and bless you. Those shoes broke, but God had a bigger blessing around the corner that wasn’t going to cost me that much.

  6. God will provide in my time of need!

  7. What’s old to me can still bless someone else if I release. Those shoes were no longer of purpose to me, but a great organization was going to take them and help someone in need.

Who knew a broken pair of shoes would remind me of such wonderful gems!
I pray it has done the same for you!