You Stand!

Whew…that’s really how my brain feels as I begin this post. It’s the usual reaction after strolling through social media lane to look at what the local newscasters are putting out. It seems that everyone has a thought these days, and so many are taking a moment to shout it out. Some of it comes with a “hello, look at me”, while others are in a more subtle manner. Either way, it’s a lot and if you’re not strong, it can begin to weigh in on your mindset.

On IL this week, I’ve been focusing on us not putting pressure on others, but gently pouring out what God gives us to share with them. With this in mind, it’s of essence that we drop those nuggets and opinions and move on, allowing the individual to decide whether they will partake of what we’ve shared or move past it. It’s really up to them, but we struggle so much with that. We feel that everyone has to get us or see it our way.

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I ran across an interesting question online that I’d rather not repeat, because it made me think why anyone would want to low-key have people question something that should be a part of their spiritual life. I went from wanting to reply to the post, to considering all parameters of me chiming in, to really thinking about those people who aren’t grounded enough to take the questions and comments with a grain of salt.

This brings me to our subject today…”YOU STAND”! I’m going to repeat that…”YOU STAND”! Why am I saying that while telling us not to put the pressure on others? I’m saying that, because ‘people pressure’ isn’t always noticeable. It isn’t always obvious. Just like that post I came across which will likely cause someone to spiral into a thought process that will prompt them to retreat from the very place that will continue to encourage and strengthen them, we too have to be ever so careful that the sources of our next provoked thought are in line with what we stand on.


Pressure is defined as “the use of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something.” By definition, pressure sounds intentional. It sounds planned and well thought out by the executer, yet it is the recipient who will likely lose. We want to guard against influence that is toxic or will pull us out of position. With that in mind, there are several things that we can do as security points:

  1. Pray: I know this is likely a part of your every day life, but be sure not to omit that communication each day. Our Heavenly Father wants to speak with you. The more time you spend with Him, the greater His voice sticks out through the noise. This is true even when He is speaking through others.

  2. Word Time: I recently went to a conference amongst leaders and one of the first things we were reminded to do was to read our Bibles daily. It’s a lot of teaching and encouragement out here, but get in His Word so you know His will and His way. Some things sound good, but they really are not.

  3. Guided Connects: Ask Him to lead you the people that you need to be connected with. That’s even on Social Media. You can’t afford to follow everyone and listen to every message. Be ‘lead’ before you click. (Yep, it’s that serious!)

  4. Get Set: Decide where “YOU STAND”. When you don’t know, you’ll be open to persuasion. Even on the days that I hear a wonderful message, I try to go back and make sure it aligns with Word. I STAND on what I know until I learn more through the Spirit.

  5. Repeat: This is not deep revelation. Just keep doing this everyday!

Sometimes we omit the things we know to do, because they seem redundant. They can often come across as so easy that we push them to the back burner only to run out of time in our 24. Listen, pressure is a two-way street. We can give and receive. While we work on not handing it out, let’s also do due diligence not to be on the receiving end.


I’m sure if I got in a dialogue with most people who stood in positions of influence, they’d say their goal was to help others. Truth is that there are a lot of people doing just that. On the other hand, we want to insure we don’t abuse influence or allow someone to misuse theirs on us…