Our Place of Greatness

Life has been introducing some different mindsets lately. I remember hearing older wiser people talk about the things that really meant something in life. Though I understood the concept then, there was something a bit immature inside that chose to ignore. I went about life not aimlessly but definitely not with the awareness I was equipped with. No, I chose to live in my youth in some ways while opting for maturity in others. One place that I recognize today that I omitted was when it came to honing in on the greatness that God placed in me.


I don’t know if it was being instructed so many times that life was about finishing school, getting a ‘good’ job, and taking care of the family or just surrounding myself with people that were okay with the status quo. I don’t know if it was choices that left me empty and looking for something that I had yet to know could only be fulfilled through my Savior. I don’t know if it was easier to just exist rather than push myself pass comfort and ability. Whatever the reason(s), I’m so grateful that today God has allowed me to see the light in discovering who I am and more!

We all were created with that seed of greatness that allows us to do something that fulfills us, makes a difference, and flows in God’s ultimate plan. Most of us don’t realize that or choose to minimize our impact. Sometimes comparison causes us to look dimly upon the work we’ve been given, because in this world’s system there are those things that are illuminated more than others. Some things just seem to have that sparkle and shine that grabs the attention of the masses. But I want to encourage you not to be bothered if what’s inside of you is not captivated by thousands. I want US to realize that the smallest seed of greatness can change a grand situation in life.

As I consider King David of the Bible, he had a journey to become king. The Bible never speaks of his response when he was anointed, but we know that he continued to allow his hands to work even without being in his ultimate position. So many puzzle pieces got him to the place that he was. So many people and their assistance paved the way. I can’t lay it all out here, but I heard an awesome message by TD Jakes entitled “The Comeback Kid” where he laid out some of the parts. Though David seemed to be the highlight, there was something about those spoken of around him that said their actions warranted a mention. Imagine generations later being able to look back and see that someone in their family had a part in God’s plan…wow!

mediocrity will never do. you are capable of something better..png

In thinking about this I can agree with what I’ve been told by many, that there are some things in life that are important. On today I want us to connect with the greatness that is in us. We all may not know what that is fully, but today is a good day to began to seek it. We can do that by starting in simple communion with God through meditation, prayer, and reading His Holy Word. I believe that the Spirit will make things clear to us in such a way that not only do we recognize it, but we will also hear the instructions in how to operate in it.

We spend so much time doing things, a lot of which have no value or don’t produce fruit in our lives. Why not try it from the inside out with what He placed in you?

This is my prayer for us today…
Father, at creation you had an ultimate plan for all that we know and see today. There are a lot of things that we do not understand, and in many cases we have wandered without direction hoping to arrive at our place. Lord we want to operate in our place of greatness, that place where we’re not spinning our efforts on what doesn’t matter. We want to function at our capacity to change lives and impact this world. Lord if our mission seems small in our own eyes, help us to see the magnitude that it is in yours. Father help us to be obedient and clear the airways so we can only hear from You. Lord, we believe that you placed something special in each of us. Help us to tap in and carry out your will. God we thank you for entrusting and equipping us. Thank you for choosing to work through us. Let your will be done in our lives, in Jesus name, Amen…

It is my hope that if you are sincere in your heart to serve in your place of greatness that God will open that door!