That One

Last night on the broadcast I talked about connections in our life and how each has a purpose. In a day where we have greater access to the entire world, it seems that our people connections are surmounting in numbers but lacking in value.

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I consider Social Media, which I don’t see as the ‘devil’ like some phrase it. I believe it’s an awesome tool that has opened us to life we may never physically be able to reach or have ever considered. It allows us to connect to a woman in Texas that is sharing great aspirations and words of encouragement that she’d only had been able to give out to her local community. It allows young people to dream in ways generations before had never, because they can SEE so much. Ministry and helps are spreading, because people now have a voice to reach billions and rally them on to unite for the cause!

So with all this access, why are we in places where it seems that people are more alone than they’ve ever been? Why are people sitting in dark rooms feeling like their life is over while watching everyday, ordinary people do extraordinary things? I believe the one thing we don’t say on social media is the reality that our posts could never reveal our entire life, and that wisdom says not to plunder the world with more doom and gloom. The issue with that is that people are dealing with ‘real’ realities that are not made perfect like all of the apps that assist our final productions. People are hurting and longing for something that can only be felt through true connections.

As a believer, my thirst has been satisfied in my Heavenly Father. No one could or can do what He has done for me. When I’m alone, I know that I’m really not. I know that I’m ‘surrounded’. As much joy as that brings to me, I’m fully aware of a world of people who have not reached what I have and may never, but there is an antidote. It’s in us who have the light living in us. We get to allow that light to shine and embrace the integrity of communication, the unforgettable touch of hugs, and the joy of laughter and shared tears. We get to help people experience something the world didn’t give and definitely cant’t take away. We get to allow them to have hope.


People connects are real. They make such a difference. Consider the story of the ‘success’ that got that one big deal, because someone gave them an opportunity. Those recites aren’t just for the rich and famous, they’re for everyday people that need to be able to tell about THAT ONE who changed their life by seeing something in them that others seemed to walk past. THAT ONE may speak life or just have small talk. THAT ONE may pay for your meal when you were down to your last to remind you that someone is still watching over you. THAT ONE may push you to a place of frustration only to pull the pearls out of you. THAT ONE may lead you a Savior one day that changes everything.

I’ve learned the best way to approach meeting THAT ONE is to never discount anyone. I may be meeting my next investor or the person that is going to connect me to destiny. I may be meeting the one with words that will prick the very thing that I need to shift. I may be meeting the one who holds the keys to unlock my hidden potential. Remember we will never be able to tell from the surface what is on the inside. Give people a chance!

In all of our connections in life, there is something we should do.

  1. Identify Them : There is a difference between knowledge of a person and a real connection. Don’t forfeit the real for semi. Choose quality over quantity.

  2. Define Their Purpose : Seek the reason each person is in your life.

  3. Place Value : Set a value on each of your connections. Remember some people are in your life for a moment while others for a lifetime. Allow each to serve their purpose. Some connects will pull on you, but the toughest ones will aid in your growth.

We live in a world that promotes singularity and self-sufficiency to a level that makes us abort community. Know that we were always planned to be in fellowship with one another. There’s nothing wrong with alone time, being your own individual self, and being able to take care of self. These are a must, but when done to the point of isolation, they become dangerous. Don’t lock yourself away from your connections. They’re there to help in some capacity.