About ME

Hi! I'm Lady Timiel Dewberry, a native of Virginia but currently a resident of North Carolina. I am both blessed and grateful to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. My first commission is to God and a life committed to serving that He may be glorified! It is because of Him and through Him that I'm able to be or do anything.



Inclination Life was truly given to me by God. Some number of years ago I wrote in a journal that I wanted to start an 'encouraging' website. It would be years before I embarked, and all it took was a step of faith to invest in a website and begin.

My first move was blogging. I've been writing, whether in my mind or on paper, since childhood. Early on I kept journals and penned the story of life. I used to take my pictures and tape them in a notebook, detailing what took place that day, what emotions it evoked, and how it shaped my life. Blogging was just an extension of that and sharing my thoughts with the world.

Why A Message Of Positivity?

Likely the biggest feat is determining your base and sticking to it.  For me "Positivity" has become my message, because I've witnessed people's gravitation to the darker side of things and aspects that pull themselves and others down.  I truly don't see that as a part of the abundant life that was promised with Jesus.  I purposed to try and make a difference.  No matter the audience, my goal is to cheer my readers up while offering continued inspiration through various topics and life experiences.  


More Than A Blogger

I didn't realize that my ONE step would open the door to more than I'd ever imagined. Today I'm a pastoral counselor, speaker, author, life coach, entrepreneur, mentor...and the list continues. I'm living my dreams and amazed at the journey God has given me.

I actually started writing my first book nearly a decade ago.  That 'work' is still in progress, but I was blessed to complete my first piece in April 2016 entitled "Refresh", a journaling devotional for refocus.  


I love learning and hold a Masters of Business.  I'm a certified HIScoach/Christian Life Coach and ordained elder.  I believe that faith, along with determination and education, is your window to  achieving any goal or pursuing any dream. Knowledge provides the tools and the power .  

My thought is that "Spiritual wisdom and knowledge is a gift from God and propeller that baffles mankind". I'm currently pursuing my Doctorate of Education in Counseling.  In addition to Coaching, I provide Pastoral Counseling of individuals, couples, and families.


I desire to serve the Kingdom in whatever capacity God leads.  I currently serve alongside my husband, Pastor Patrick, at New Revelations Church where my focus is women and executive oversight.

My passions include teaching the Word of God along with equipping, motivating, and encouraging others that they may live with purpose, have a proper mindset, and pay it forward. 

I'm Blessed

As stated above I'm a mother of two, both beautiful adult young ladies.  You may not find much in-depth postings about them.  I believe when our children leave the nest, we have to allow them to have their own journey.  That includes respect of privacy.  

We are also proud grandparents.  It's amazing what you'll let them get away with that you'd never let their parents do.

Last but not least is our fur baby, Sophie.  She’s got some stories of her own to tell that Mom will have to type for her.


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